Valentine’s Day, we shall celebrate by doing ABSOLUTELY nothing, because we don’t need a valentine. Thanks for supporting me for about 2 years and YouTube for 10 years! I’m proud to be a YouTuber before this day came, just to see it grow into the big 1 billion user internet corner it is today. Just as excited as I am, we are going to look back at YouTube as the Giant of the internet, and since 2005, from “Me at the Zoo” to “Rick Roll” to “Family Guy – Bird is the Word” to “Annoying Orange” to “Gangnam Style” and to my very own videos and continuing, we as YouTubers are proud you enjoy our content. So to celebrate, “Me at the Zoo”, YouTube’s first video (w/ over 17 million views at the current time), will be  on this blog as a bonus and will stay on it forever.


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