Hiatus and Busy

Hey guys! E to the J here. How can I say this…

I’m putting my videos to hold for editing and stuff, and I wasn’t able to record that much during the summer. The SMW Episode 3 was recorded in Janurary. So was the next episode (Episode 4). The only video that was recorded during the 2014 summer period was SMBLL Mario Gameplay Episode 14. I don’t have the Super Mario Advance 4 SMB3 remake cartridge, but I will record some of the NES version (:D). Also, the 100 view Olympics has 5 episodes left! Soon, I will record and edit a bunch of videos, and upload them on a certain day altogether! The next video that will be up will be SMW Episode 4. Also, as requested, I will record a bunch of SMBLL Luigi Gameplay as well as Mario Gameplay. Thanks for taking notice, and I will “see” you later.


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